Every break streaming in live! 

In PimpMyCard Sports Cards Facebook group and on the YouTube channel

The draw (randomazing) lives in our Facebook group, if you planning to buy spot(s) please be aware that you will have to join our group to watch the draw. Only people who over 18 can buy spots.

Thank you for break with us! 

What is a  BREAK?

One or more boxes opened in a live video, these are factory sealed boxes and opened in live video.  

What is a spot?

It is a place in a break. Can be random number , chosen number or a particular team depending on a break type.

Types of the break:

Pick Your Team BREAK:

Every participant chose a team for themselves. Teams price are not the same. Depend on the year, box price and on the checklist if there is some valuable card in that team. 

More then 1 team can be taken by 1 buyer(breaker).

Random Team BREAK:

You will get your team randomly, randomizing the teams also will be held in a live video in the group.

Draft Style BREAK:

Randomizing the participants , who takes first place chose a team first then continue to the end until everyone have a team.

Card logo rule:

The card belongs to those teams which logo on the card, won't depend on the jersey. 

Some products have cards with multiple players or teams logo. 

We random these on Random.org. 

But If a person owns MORE THAN 50% of the card (2 out of 3 teams or 3 out of 5 teams), they win the card by majority.

if the player is not in NBA but for example Collegiate jersey or National jersey or any customs jersey and there is no Logo or team name.

In this cases:

- retired player goes to where the player spent most of his professional carrier.

 - active player goes to the current team.

- if the team on the card not exist any more card goes to heirs and assigns .

What happen to the cards after the break?

Cards are sorted out quickly and you will have a pack on your name and will be stored until you request a shipment from us.

We store cards for 2 months if you are not planning to break more, you have to request a shipment after this time, if you break with us more, this time is extended and the counting starts again after every break which you are participate.

If you go hitless in a break We do not know what is in the boxes or cases of cards. So it is possible for you not to get a hit or any card. This is part of group breaks and needs to be taken into consideration when purchasing a break spot.

For shipping options please see our Break Card Shipping menu.